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How does Suitcase Sunday Club Travel Fund work?
MIKE manage his blog travelhk.com and would like to earn some extra cash for his next trip. He then registers online to become a  Suitcase Sunday Club KOL. From a selection of banners information, MIKE decides to write a review post about Suitcase.hk on his website with a tracing link and discount coupon attached.

BELLA is sitting at home in front of her computer surfing the Internet, when she randomly ends up on the website travelhk.com. The proposed review post awakens her interest and she clicks on the tracing link in the post. She is directed to the Suitcase.hk online shop and decides to make a purchase with the tracing coupon. MIKE as a KOL therefore, receives a travel fund rewards on the purchase she has made.
Joining requirement
1. Professional in managing blog.
2. Significant amount of fans.
3. Experience in promoting products.
Method to participate
1. Register online for  Suitcase Sunday Club Travel Fund.
2. Suitcase Sunday Club will then review the application and accept you on to our program.
3. Choose from our wide selection of attractive promotion media and select the best ones suitable for you and integrate it onto your website.
4. Receive 5% travel fund rewards per order total amount after deducting shipping fee.
Calculation for travel fund rewards
For each transaction that runs through the tracing coupon, you will be paid a rewards of 5% per order total amount after deducting shipping fee. Sales will be processed within 45 days after the receipt of the order.
Payout of travel fund rewards
After 45 days Suitcase Sunday Club verifies the orders and confirms, amends or declines the transactions. An amended transaction allows for partial refunds to ensure that the community member is still rewarded. After processing, the payout is carried out by Suitcase Sunday Club directly.
Tracing qualified referred order
Trace by Specific discount coupon - Customer utilise the tracing discount code in the order
Example of partial refund calculation
A customer has a shopping cart with the amount of HKD600 after deducting shipping fee. However, he decides to send back goods worth HKD300; from the remaining amount of HKD300, the community member will receive a 5% reward of HKD15.
Promotion Media
Choose from a selection of strong and diverse promotion media. It is important that you choose a banner that fits your target audience. For example, a banner for women's shoes will only achieve minor success on a website frequently visited by men. Besides, the selection of an appropriate banner, size and location are also considerable factors. Choose a format that directly attracts people and display it in a clearly visible position on your website.
Use short, distinctive text links that encourage your users to click and spark their interest in buying. Here are a few examples: - Buy suitcase at Suitcase.hk! - Discover the new suitcase collection – here! - Order at Suitcase.hk - with 15% off coupon!
Considerations before joining
Our terms and conditions regulate the rights and duties between the website operator and Suitcase.hk. Please read them carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Click to view Terms & Conditions
Contact Personnel
For questions regarding theSuitcase Sunday Club Community, please contact us at HELLOsuitcase.hk

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