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Warranty Registration
Suitcase Club product's warranty period ranges from 1 to 3 years of period according to each brand. The warranty only covers the normal use of replaceable parts which include Trolley frame, Handles, Wheels, and Lock, excluding non-replaceable components which include cracked or oxidation of material, scratches, zippers damage or any other man-made damages. In case of dispute, we reserve the right for the final decision.



Trolley Handle Wheel Lock



Crack Scratch Dent Zipper


* All customers except suitcase.hk online customer, are required to complete the online warranty registration within 7 days of purchase and retain proof of purchase or warranty.

Repair Registration

Product repair service is only available for product purchased from Suitcase.hk or its certified distributors. Please read the procedures and terms as following.

1. Check the purchase / warranty receipt for the validity of warranty. In the case of lost of proof or expired warranty, we will charge fee for any service provided.

2. Repair service only covers the following replaceable components which include Trolley frame, Handles, Wheels, and Lock. The service does not cover any non-replaceable components which includes but not limited to cracked shells, scratches, zippers damage etc. Each repairable part will be charged with $80 for any unproven warranty record, or man-made damage.

3. Repair request has to be submitted online with proper pictures. Our company will have the full discretion to offer repair service after accessing each case individually.

4. After receiving approved repair service email, please bring the product back to our local service centre in-person. Please don't mail us any repair item without first informing us.

5. After inspection, we would notify you if the product is repairable with the estimated duration and cost (if applicable). The repair cost should not exceed the original value of the product.



Repair centre address & Hours

Address: Rm 1806, 18/F, Nanyang Plaza, 57 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong (CLICK HERE FOR TRANSPORTATION)
Hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm, Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
Phone: +852 2427-8887 | Fax: +852 2487-0291 | Email: supportsuitcase.hk

Reseting Combination lock

If you forgot your password, it can only be re-opened by an authorised Suitcase.hk repair center using special tools. Please bring or send your suitcase to our repair center. Configuration of password for your combination lock differs for each model within a series. Please find your lock on the file below. Clicking on the respective link will display a PDF file with the respective explanation.

Type of locks

Providing Damage Report

If your suitcase is damaged at transit, please file a report immediately with the baggage service counter of the carrier (airline, train company, etc.) located in the arrival hall, prior to customs clearance. The staff will provide you assistance. Most airlines does not deal with baggage claims after leaving the airport. You may also file a claim towards your travel insurance policy (if you had bought one). Unfortunately, this type of man-made damage is not included in our warranty policy. Repairing the material (gluing a crack or dent) is only possible in rare cases. We will gladly issue a damage report on request.

You may find here the websites of major airlines regarding damage baggage:

Cathay Pacific | Dragonair | Hong Kong Airlines | Singapore Airlines | Korean Air | Air China | ANA | Tiger Air

Cleaning your Suitcase

In order to maintain the good condition for a very long time, please observe the following instructions:

To clean away dust and dirt, you should only use warm water and a soft cloth or sponge.

Hair dryer, aggressive materials or cleansing agents and disinfectants such as nail polish and nail polish remover, acetone, ammonia, benzene, chloroform, phenol-based compounds, etc. may not be used as they may damage the surface. Stickers can usually be removed easily with warm soapy water. Adhesive residue or other tough stains can be removed with light alcohols (e.g.isopropyl alcohol from a pharmacy).

Scratches cannot be removed in general. You should perform the appropriate measures to ensure proper and careful handling of your luggage during transport. Signs of wear, which can occur with this material when traveling, do not affect the functionality in any way. As a lasting memory, these marks give your case an individual appearance over time, which makes it unique and distinctive.

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