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Le Maurice 7-In-1 Suitcase Luggage Organizer

Flamingo 粉紅鶴
Cactus 仙人掌
Black 黑色
Grey 灰色

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Pack Up! Le Maurice 7-in-1 suitcase organizers provide you with everything you need to travel in organized bliss. This organizer includes 3 sizes of garment pouches, 3 sizes of secret pouches and 1 shoes pouch for you to store anything. Garment organizer helps you to pack garments flat, maximizes luggage space by compressing your clothes. The 3 sizes Secret pouch is a fun and functional organizer, great to keep unmentionables out of sight at security checkpoints in one tidy valise  i.e. undergarment, medicines, cables and chargers. Shoes Pouch can keep dirty sneakers away from clean clothes.



  • Water resistant fabric
  • Compress more clothes allowing for maximum wardrobe options
  • Plan and pack for any trip, streamlining packing and unpacking
  • Keep your suitcase organized and neat


Large garment organizer: 40(L) X 30(W) X 12cm(H)

Medium garment organizer: 30(L) X 28(W) X 13cm(H)

Small undergarment organizer: 30(L) X 20(W) X 12cm(H)

Large secret pouch 35(L) X 27cm(H)

Medium secret pouch 27(L) X 25cm(H)

Small secret pouch 26(L) X 17cm(H)

Shoes pouch 12(L) x 35cm(H)

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