Targus 12.1" Citysmart Sleeve

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Targus CitySmart 隨行保護包採用超薄、輕量化的防水材質,來達成輕盈防水並兼具保護性,減輕您的重量負擔。前方拉鍊收納袋,讓使用更加彈性便利。符合潮流的設計,讓您展現卓越不凡的品味。


  • 採防水的輕量化材質製造
  • 內襯採鮮豔色彩高密度防碰撞軟墊設計
  • 週邊收納口袋

保固 有限制的終身保固
其他 產地: 中國
可容納的電腦尺寸 31.70 x 2.03 x 23.62 cm
12.48" x 0.8" x 9.3"
外部尺寸 34.3 x 2.54 x 25.4 cm
13.5" x 1" x 10"
材質 聚酯纖維
重量 0.16 kg 0.34 lbs
顏色 灰褐


LE MAURICE BY LEMAURICE & CO ® aims to impart new and innovative ideas within the range of travel accessories by understanding travelers’ needs while identifying tomorrow’s fashion and style trends. 

Using original manufacturing methods. Each case is uniquely constructed from blended board; a special material invented during the 1980’s consisting of multiple layers of bonded plastic. Lining are produced by the fabric team who also form the iconic Le Maurice & Co. logo over a period of 5-days on antique Victorian presses.