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Quality Check 

Everyone experienced embarrassing travel moment in broken luggages, might as well make yours quality assured and look fabulous! Suitcase.hk™ selected an exclusive suitcase and travelware collection which brighten up your daily life and traveling experiences. Our focus is to provide quality products and excellent customer services to our busy frequent-traveler customers. We provide Quality Assurance Check as following:



Customer Reviews

Considering the life cycle cost of a luggage bag, cheaper ones may turn out to be false economy. Therefore, always go for a reputable brand with strong brand heritage and know how. SUITCASE CLUB™ established in 2010, has became one of the most leading travel retailer in Hong Kong.

The followings are reviews from our customers:


Modern and Traditional Differences

The soft-sided luggage, built mostly on polyester, is the most traditional design, yet heavy and not weatherproof. The hard-sided cases, on the other hand, protect fragile items that you might carry with you, lighter, more weatherproof and stylish.


2 Upright wheels are designed for traditional luggage. 4 Spinner wheels, on the other hand, are more suitable for plain surfaces and offer great ease of maneuverability, irrespective of the weight of items packed. They also allow unparalleled ease when you have multiple bags (handbag, laptop bags, etc) to carry.

Warranty and Repair

Our luggage brands offer limited warranty to customers. The period of warranty varies from 1 year from the date of purchase to 5 years warranty. Please retain the receipt and click the button below to register for online warranty within 7 days of purchase.

Warranty applies only to the normal use of the Product’s components (trolley frame, handles, wheels) from the date of original purchase for the period of time according to terms of individual brand. This warranty doesn't apply to lock, exterior damage caused by scratching, abuse, burst zipper, misuse, accident, or any man-made damage caused by courier.

Choosing the Right Size

There are 3 sizes for suitcase. 

  • Cabin Size, also widely known as 20. Suitable for 2-4 Days
  • Medium (60-69cm), also widely known as 24. Suitable for 5-7 Days
  • Large (70-79cm), also widely known as 28. Suitable for 7+ Days

* Our cabin-size suitcases are compatible with cabin baggage requirement (56x36x23cm / 22x14x9in) of major airlines.

Suitcase cleaning

Your Suitcase.hk case is a high quality product, which has been manufactured with great care. In order to maintain the good condition for a very long time, please observe the following instructions: to clean away dust and dirt, you should only use warm water and a soft cloth or sponge.

Hair dryer, aggressive materials or cleansing agents and disinfectants such as nail polish and nail polish remover, acetone, ammonia, benzene, chloroform, phenol-based compounds, etc. may not be used as they may damage the surface.

Stickers can usually be removed easily with warm soapy water. Adhesive residue or other tough stains can be removed with light alcohols (e.g.isopropyl alcohol from a pharmacy).

Scratches cannot be removed in general. You should perform the appropriate measures to ensure proper and careful handling of your luggage during transport. Signs of wear, which can occur with this material when traveling, do not affect the functionality in any way. As a lasting memory, these marks give your case an individual appearance over time, which makes it unique and distinctive.

Please note that your cases are not waterproof, but are only rain / splash proof.

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